Where Is It?


Two people, named Jimmy and Arthur break into a house, somewhere in England to steal something, which does not have a name. Two married couples that live in the house are confused as to what Jimmy and Arthur’s intentions are. After a great deal of forced questions and answers, things start to go from bad to worse…
After many years one of the survival has memories of this unforgettable day.







Directed / D.O.P - Panos Amvrosiadis Production

Manager - Katie Harris

Assistant Director -Nikolaos Lountzis

Sound Technician - Femi McIntosh

D.O.P Assistant - George Tsantilas Set Design - Oana Jinga

Music - Iannis Bibiris, Voice - Katie Harris



Benjamin Thorne, Scott Morton, Jamall Nasir, Danny Sura, Indira Ahmetovic, Lesley Moore, Sarah Taylor, Sarah Gain, Bally Giu,

Ian Donnelly, Femi McIntosh, George Tsantilas, Chris Evangelou, Nigel Harris,

Darren Turner, Iannis Bibiris, Hercules Bibiris, Peter Savvas, Kelly Clarke, Jenny Maddox













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