Smoke 10


Smoke 10 takes you on a compelling journey of the mind using the personification of time. A male is sat having a cigarette thinking about his life, and how the smoking has influenced so many different parts of his life, good and bad. His turmoil and confusion towards this habit has made him question if he loves it or hates it.

Some say you can smoke a cigarette in 10 minutes…

Just think…what could happen in 10 minutes ....









Produced - Femi McIntosh, Directed/Produced -Panos Amvrosiadis,

Production Manager - Paul Parker,

Assistant Director - Nikolaos Lountzis,

D.O.P - Karan Sakchiraphong, Camera - Chetan Amliwala,

Second Camera - Eoin Edwards,

Continuity - Doris Aggarwal, Make Up - Kat Evangelou

Runner - Rob Tipping, Catering - Katie Amvrosiadis

Music - Iannis Bibiris




Jamall Nasir, Indira Ahmetovic, Grace McCabe


Ryan Hayes


Che'nene Morgan, Juste Gecaite
















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