Life's Journey


A woman has just given birth to her first child. The father has to return from work and does not make it in time to see the birth. The parents later learn to find out that the baby is in a critical condition.

They are in great turmoil as to whether or not they want their child to live with aid of a life support machine, or to allow their baby to die as nature may have intended. In one hour they have to make a decision.









Directed/Produced -Panos Amvrosiadis,

Production Manager - Katie Amvrosiadis,

Cinematographer - Amy Hill,

Sound - Alex Vardon, Music - Kai Engel

Continuity - Beth Hope,

Edited - Panos Amvrosiadis




Jamie Causer, Natasha Reilly, Margaret Jackman, Jamall Nasir, Alison Lewin, Nikolaos Lountzis, Panos Amvrosiadis, Sophie Harris














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