Last Dream


Two people, named Jimmy and Arthur break into a house, somewhere in England to steal something, which does not have a name. Two married couples that live in the house are confused as to what Jimmy and Arthur's intentions are. After a great deal of forced questions and answers, things start to go from bad to worse...
After many years one of the survival has memories of this unforgettable day.










Directed/Produced -Panos Amvrosiadis,

Produced - Femi McIntosh, Paul Parker

Camera - Panos Amvrosiadis

Music Lyrics - Iannis Bibiris

Voice - Katie Amvrosiadis




Indira Ahmetovic, Jamall Nasir, Panagiotis Bibiris, Benjamin Thorn, Scott Morton, Danny Sura, Lesley Moore,

Femi McIntosh, George Tsantilas,














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