A father who gave life to another is now bound by a secret he cannot tell. A male named Tom has a close friendship with a female called Helen. Helen and her partner now want to become parents and are having problems, therefore Helen finds herself asking Tom for the biggest favour ever, that will change her lifeā€¦

This secret haunts Tom, knowing that he is close to his child, yet so far away. A complex story of love on so many levels










Tudor Williams, Natasha Reilly, Ty Gulliver,

Summer Taylor, Alex Lambrou


Sophie Harris, Nikolaos Lountzis, Laura Taylor,

Stas Lambrou, Rayna Lountzis







Directed / Produced - Panos Amvrosiadis,

Production Manager - Katie Amvrosiadis,

D.O.P - George Tsantilas, Camera - Panos Amvrosiadis

Camera Assistant - Nikolas Lountzis, Alex Vardon

Music - Kai Engel











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